Employing digital marketing strategies for CSR

Corporate social responsibility or CSR is in fashion today and every organization worth it’s salt take up some issue which would generally be close to the heart of their targeted customers to drive home the message that they are not only in business to rake in the profits but are also concerned with issues the public, which includes their potential customers are affected with.

Corporate companies would step into very pertinent issues like the use of solar energy, abuse of women and children, garbage collection and disposal, release of industrial effluents into water tables among many other issues that directly concern either the public living around their factories and offices or what is dear to their potential customers.

Based on consumer ratings and the other feedbacks that they receive, corporate companies promote these issues using their professional digital marketing teams which would give them that extra edge over their competitors.

As incentives companies would also develop CSR by offering jobs to those in the vicinity of their factories and offices which would generate income in their immediate neighbourhood, and enhance their bona fide CSR outlook positively.